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anger, venom, disgust

Let Go Of My Mind

Resolution is the key-
unlock what you have done to me,
I long to put you in my past-
but feel I'm scratching through a cast...

each effort does no good at all...
why the hell'd you never call?
banged me once, but screwed me twice-
-and I'm still stuck within your vice...

let me know and let me go
just tell me why you dropped me though!
so much pain and all for what,
you got scared and so you cut?

ignorance now plagues my mind;
search about and never find
the answers that I think I need...
possess them and -thus!- I'll be freed...

but answers this way shall not come.
uninformed, I'm left for dumb.
no equation found to solve
the steps this problem now involves.

nonsense to try and figure out
I really need to let it go
now I'm better off, no doubt,
though loneliness still shows.