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beatnik, unconventional


The voice of a child.
Small.  Sweet.  Yet surprisingly bold.
They'll say anything.
They have no social fears or misconceptions
as to what is inappropriate.

Pure honesty is the true utilization of freedom of speech.

Sure, adults are free to say what they wiil,
but do they?
'Course not.
They're so pre-occupied with seeming rude 
or embarrassing themselves that they don't dare.

Kids don't care.  Really, they don't know any better.

Youngsters haven't yet developed the disease 
of thought filterization
from which so many adults,
parents and teachers especially,
are suffering.

Here's a thought:  Why not learn from our juniors?

If you have something to say...say it!
Don't reconstruct yourself to fit 
the liking of your peers.
Hold on to who you are,
and let the world know.