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Who am I anyway?

Well, my name is Camille and I am a 19 year old college student who loves to write. I've been writing poetry for just about forever, but I only have works back to about the end of '93. I won't go into to much boring detail about myself (I don't want this to sound like a Classified or something, just as long as you know that I am a Cancer (I'm really into the Zodiac and astrology), with an open mind who is exploring life. Yeah, I know, it's cheesy but, what the hell, I don't know you people. Anywaze, I hope you like my poems...if you don't, I'd like to know why. If any of you out there are publishers or authors I would love to hear from you. I am an aspiring author--not in the oh-I-wish-I-could-be-a-writer-and-plan-to-harrass-everyone-I-meet-until-I-get-a-break-sense, but in the I-really-love-to-write-and-plan-to-someday-make-it-my-career-sense. Any tips on starting out with fiction writing would be greatly apreciated, as well as any feedback. One more thing: I don't believe TRUE poetry can ever be BAD. Poetry is something that comes from one's mind, heart, and soul. There is no basis for measuring one's feelings and emotions. I do admit that style, diction, and the MECHANICS of poetry as a work of literature can be evaluated, but you cannot critique someone's voice. Read on...


(any Dead Poet's fans out there?)


(empire records open 'til midnight, this is Mark? MIDNIGHT!)

this one's for you Dawn :)

Cancer Queen