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don't ask...just read


What's to do when sleep eludes but write a
fuckin' poem
pounding head, lye in the bed and wish for 
sleep to come
don't wanna eat and music makes the pounding 
feel like hell
each sound is amplified a million times
a deadly yell...

All I wanna do is take my fuckin' as
to sleep
each extra second I see pass begins to feel
like weeks
nothin' to read, nothin' to watch and eyes that
fuckin' hurt
the bed's too hot, the room's too cold, I hate this
fuckin' shirt...

Aching tooth, back's sore as hell, and cramps to 
top it all
no fuckin' beer, can't take a hit, my options are
quite small
sleeping pills? but they won't really do a
god damn thing
alcohol is what I need for R.E.M.
to ding.