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revelations, conclusions, realizations

The week of 10/13-10/19

Played me like a drum & now I'm feeling like a fool
told me that he cared for me, then treated me so cruel
inconsistently expressing what was on his mind
to his true intentions I apparently was blind

He didn't want to feel my love & offer his to me
came into my love professing he needs to be free
stirred up my emotions & then left me there to drown
played with my affections & then only let me down

I can't believe I so believed he wanted to find change
the grasp of a relationship I thought within his range
but now I know I was deceived by my own trusting heart
too quick to want his words to mean this meant for us a start

At something great, cuz it would be phenomenal at best
-but that's not true-I guess I should be honest with the rest
we wouldn't work, that's all there is, though that I hate to say
my nature tends to bend with ease to always find a way

Since he led me to expect a change in his desire
how was I to then predict he falsified the fire?
what he says he wants is what I don't want to accept
he showed me so much care & love, his touch within I kept

If only he had thought things through BEFORE he pulled me in
there'd now be no discrepancies about where we'd begin
better off I think I'd be had he been less confused
as it is, the deed is done, and now I'm feeling used.