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'93 & '94: The Younger Stuff

Why Me?

Why me.
Why always me.
Why does this always happen to me?
Don't I deserve to be loved and held and kissed?
Don't I deserve to have someone all my own?
I don't deserve to be lonely and depressed,
I'm sick and tired of being sad all the time
over guys...
How could I let it happen again?
I always say 'next time I won't be hurt,
I won't let my guard down 
I won't have my feelings exposed'
and every time that next time comes
I do everything I said I never would.
When will I learn?
When will I not have to guard my feelings?
When will my day finally come,
when I can have a guy who won't 
lie, cheat, or act like a stranger?
When will it happen?
I wonder always...
why me?